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Persuasive Portfolio

Category: Essay Writing

BUS220 Persuasive Portfolio Criteria and Guidelines
Chris Miles
The Persuasive Portfolio is worth 40% of your total mark for the BUS220 module. Your nal
pieces must be uploaded via QMPlus by midday of Friday 12th December. Below you will nd the criteria
for the marking of the Portfolio as well as some guidelines to help you in your writing of it.

You must create two separate pieces of persuasive marketing communication.Each piece must be for
a separate brand/client. For each piece you must provide a description of the marketing communication
(chosen brand/product/client, target audience, visual elements, copy elements, any other details) and then
another section describing the way in which it works to persuade (identifying the persuasive techniques
and explaining how you envisage them working). I have provided an example Persuasive Portfolio on the
BUS220 QMPlus Module Page, please feel free to download it and use it as a template (i.e. adopt the
section headings).
You can choose to create marketing communication pieces for any type of brand or client, for services
or products. You can choose to write pieces for social marketing campaigns or public relations pieces

for political clients. You can even choose to write a piece for a ctional brand, as long as the scenario is
broadly realistic. The pieces must, however, be designed for an English-speaking audience.
I do not expect you to provide artwork { instead, you should use words to describe the visuals you
want to accompany your text. You are not design students or videographers, so the emphasis should be on
describing the visual elements which will have persuasive effects upon your audience.
There is no need to create a bibliography or use citations in the Persuasive Portfolio. It is expected
that all of the creative communication is your own work. The ‘explanations’ that you provide should use
the terminology and techniques discussed in the module and you do not need to provide references for
them in this piece of work. In a way, it is best to think of this as a simulation of working for a client {
when explaining to a client how your communication will persuade a target audience it would not be usual
strategy to reference speci c academic books or authorities, after all.
Marking Criteria
Implementation of Persuasive Techniques (20 points – 10 points for each peice) Have I chosen effective
techniques for the stated Target Audience (TA)? Have I used them correctly? Have I implemented
them in a clear way? Do my chosen techniques integrate together well? Am I being realistic with my
choice of media/format for the stated TA? Have I clearly expressed the persuasive details of any visual

Explanation of Persuasive Techniques (20 points – 10 points for each piece) Have I clearly explained the
techniques that I have used? Have I explained the connection between these techniques and the stated
TA? Have I explained how my chosen techniques will act to help persuade the TA? Have I used the
terminology and paradigms used in the module to explain my decisions?
Some Guidelines
 Make good use of the hierarchy of effects (AIDCA) in the planning of your pieces of marketing com-
munication. You might also want to think about how the ELM could help you in your persuasive deci-
 Remember to make clear the media format that you have chosen for each piece. The media format
should be appropriate for stated TA.
 The word limit is 1500 words for the entire Persuasive Portfolio. I will stop marking at the 1500 word
point. There are no exceptions to this, no 10% over” rule, and no excuses for not sticking to this very
clear and simple requirement.
 Please make good use of the example Persuasive Portfolio that I have put on the BUS220 QMPlus
Module Page.
 Remember { your Persuasive Portfolio pieces cannot be on the same brands/clients/products/services
that you have analysed in your presentation or analysis essay.
 If you want me to look at the Persuasive Portfolio as you are drafting it, then you need to come along
to my office hours. I will happily look at the your draft once before you hand it in. I will not look at
drafts in the nal week of the semester. You can, of course, ask me general questions about the essay
via email too.