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OSHA Workers Compensation

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OSHA Workers Compensation

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You currently work in Human Resources as the Benefits Manager and part of your responsibilities is Workers’ Compensation. Anytime an employee is injured at work, they are to contact you to report it. You then have to report it using the attached OSHA Forms; however, first you have to determine if it is a reportable incident/injury.
Read the reported injuries/illnesses below that you have received and based on the attached OSHA information, answer the questions.


1. John Smith called at 8:35 am, while walking from his car into the building he works in (DAC building), he slipped on the ice and fell. He can’t put any pressure on his right foot and is in a tremendous amount of pain. You tell him that he needs to have it seen right away. John’s friend works right next to him and decided to drive John to the Walk-In-Clinic around the corner. A few hours later John Smith calls you to tell you that the doctor has confirmed he has sprained his right foot by the completed x-rays and that he should remain off the foot for the remainder of the day but can report back to work tomorrow on crutches.

a. Is this a reportable injury/illness? (refer to pages 2-4 “Overview – Reporting Work-related injuries and illnesses) Why or Why not

2. William Kane works in the Maintenance Department and called you at 4:05 pm to tell you that while cutting grass around 9:00 am at work, something got in his eye. He claims that he did perform an “eye wash” from a kit in the Maintenance Department and that his eye feels much better. William stated that his manager wanted him to call HR to report it.

a. Is this a reportable injury/illness? Why or Why not

3. Karen Kite works in the Admissions Department at Kitty Hawk University. While leaving for lunch on Monday, she fell down the steps and broke her left arm. It had been raining outside all day and it was determined that she slipped on the wet stairs. She was seen in the Emergency Room and that is where they determined she had a break in her left arm. The physician has her out of work for 5 days (includes the day of injury). She can return to light duty in which you approved since her manager said there is plenty she can still do while on light duty. Her physician has her on light duty for 14 days.

As the Benefits Manager, you are now completing the OSHS 300 Log based on the information above. How would you answer the following?

1. How would you classify this case? (see below…death/days away from work/job transfer or restriction/other recordable cases)

2. How many days would you record for “Away from Work” and how many days for “On job transfer or restriction”?

3. Which box would you check for the “Injury”?
Again, as the Benefits Manager you are responsible for Workers’ Compensation and the proper reporting using the attached OSHA forms. You are training Jim in your office to be the “back-up” on the days you are out of the office. Jim has the following questions, how do you answer them?

1. When an injury or illness is considered work related?

2. When do you have to post the OSHA Summary and for how long?

3. If Jim has questions about filling out the OSHA Log and you are not available to answer them, who can Jim contact?