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New composition speech

Category: Speech

Your uncle’s birthday is in two months, and everyone known that he loves almost all kinds of music. As a birthday gift for him, you want to have a special piece of music composed in his honor which will be played at a family birthday celebration. Write a speech that you will make to the composer’s agent. Include the following:

1. Narrow your choices down to three (3) composers you’ve studied in this course. Choose
one (1) of the composers and explain why you want him to write the “birthday present”

2. Explain why the other two (2) composers were ultimately not selected.

3. Specifically identify the musical elements in the composer’s style that you would like to be
included in the new music written for your uncle.

4. Describe what sort of emotion is generated by listening to the works of your selected
composer; in other words, what do you want your uncle to “feel” as he hears the music, and
why is this composer so perfect for this composition?