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My research paper will specifically focus on the production of images from an independent global news agency- Associated Press, and its relations with the government and dominant western values.

Category: Research

My research paper will specifically focus on the production of images from an independent global news agency- Associated Press, and its relations with the government and dominant western values.



Outline for Final Research Paper for Global Visual Culture


  1.   Introduction: My research paper will specifically focus on the the production of images from particular independent global news agency-Associated Press, and its relations with the United States government and dominant western values. My thesis would be the following:

How are images been produced from the Associated Press under interference from the United States and the dominant western values/ ideologies when it comes to the recent Umbrella Movement happened in Hong Kong? What can we then conclude about the impact of these manipulation under the new world order in 21st century?( This thesis can be revised by you if you think you have a better idea)

Key Points I will cover in the research paper:

Section #1(page1-2): How does Associated Press Work?—I am a photojournalist from AP, so here I am not only going to talk about how one single image is being produced throughout the whole process in AP, but also illustrate impacts the agency has done in trying to invest so much in producing certain images. ( here please articulate why AP need to produce certain images for the western societies, what is their agenda?research needed)give out examples of how images been produced recently in Hong Kong regarding the “umbrella movement”( integrate the concept of globalization by Hall and Lazarus from our readings)(good amount of research is needed too)

Section#2(page 3-4): In the case of Hong Kong, how the most powerful independent news agency works hand in glove with the US government and its agenda.—Without a doubt, AP does represent certain dominant western values.(please read the link: That is, after World War II The United States has always aimed to uphold an expanding cooperative order of  states observing common rules and norm, embracing liberal economic systems, forswearing territorial conquest, embracing the preservation and enhancement of human rights and adopting participatory and democratic systems of governance. local Hong Kongers consume western news. Associated Press not only produce for the West but also countries and regions in which has access to them. Hong Kong is one of these regions. ( Please do research on how the AP is working with the government in producing certain images. Use scholarly sources and the evidence from these sources to support the argument that this kind of collaboration is a new form of Cultural imperialism and nationalism.)


Section#3(page5,6,7): Look into the several example images AP produced, and further look into how these images reflect the agenda of the US government on China now, and in a bigger picture, Asia pacific region. Here I will add more background information to the “Umbrella Movement”, dig into the historical context-  Since Thatcher’s first visit to Mainland China with Deng Xiaoping until the early 2000, what positions have Associated Press been taken in producing images and spreading news? Why? what is the implication of the US’ foreign policy and agenda towards China government for each period and involvement -Here I will touch upon several historical landmarks but I will not get into them(exp: Tiananmen square, 1997 hangover and the following Asia economic crisis)( Please do research on answering the following question: How/why the way AP(associated Press) make certain representation of Asia, and especially China is a new form of Orientalism-please refer to Edward Said, and How certain images become a culture product and move across border to reinforce people about what they have already believed in.)if possible, you can also try to touch upon other concept from the readings in which I will send to you through attachment.

Section#5(paragraph8-9): Associated Press prefer hiring local photographers to create images that help them put into effect with certain agendas that associated with government and western value. These photographers have easier access to different protests and demonstrations. but keep in mind that this kind of production will only be made through intensive interaction among local photographers, editors and publishers from the headquarters. This kind of production is creating a hybridity.( This is a concept we talk in class, you should expand this concept with your own research) ( From wikipedia: the definition is:Hybridity refers in its most basic sense to mixture. The term was subsequently employed in linguistics and in racial theory in the nineteenth century.[2] Its contemporary uses are scattered across numerous academic disciplines and is salient in popular culture.[3] This article explains the history of hybridity and its major theoretical discussion amongst the discourses of race, post-colonialism, Identity (social science), anti-racism and multiculturalism, and globalization.)


Conclusion (page #10):

The relations among news agencies, different kind of media under different societies and government are intertwined.  The priority is one country’s political, economical, social and global agenda. New agencies such as AP are just a tool, a chessman. As news consumers, what we see are only perspectives, never the truth. ( expand this conclusion, make it more convinced. re-emphasize on the thesis and concepts you have covered in the paper)