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Music history

Category: Music

I have created a YouTube playlist (linked on MyGateway) of several complete operas (most subtitled, those that aren’t have easy to find libretti) from the various periods we’ve discussed in class, including a few we’ve used as examples. Please (1) select and watch one in its entirety (try to do it in one sitting, maybe taking a break between acts if you need to). I’d ask you to (2) note how the music compliments the action it accompanies and (3) how different kinds of music (recitative, ensembles, arias, choruses; but also varieties of tempi, textures, timbres, etc.) are used to depict different characters, settings, plot elements, etc. After viewing, please write a 600-800 word essayon your impressions of the opera, taking the following questions as a starting point: Is the overture a mere “curtain-raiser” or is it an integral part of the opera? Did the production do a good job of conveying the plot of the story? Would you have been able to follow the plot w/out subtitles? What were some of your favorite scenes/parts (use a timestamp or try to describe it)? Did any elements of the composer’s style shock or surprise you? Did you like the opera? You might also discuss, more briefly, other elements that you found interesting. Finally, please tie it into the discussions we have had in class about related topics.