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Museum Project

Category: Project

“An identification of this work of art: its title; the artist(s); where it was made and when; and for whom (i.e., who was the patron who hired the artist); the medium; the accession number. Look at the plentiful information about this work of art available through the Metropolitan Museum’s on-line catalogue. Use the accession number to go to the catalogue entry for specific works of art. You must cite the sources you used to write the paper! Use MLA style.

What does this painting depict? Is it a portrait? a narrative? What “story” does this painting tell you? Note: some of these paintings depict events and people from classical mythology or biblical history (which you can discuss in your paper); but Renaissance artists always showed people and events as if they took place in their own time. This section of the paper should include your observations and interpretations of what you see. Look closely at the people: their appearance; how are they dressed; gestures; how they are interacting with each other (if applicable); the setting of the picture—city/countryside/interior of a house. What does this work of art tell you about Renaissance people; their domestic life; courtly life; religious beliefs; culture and learning; what they considered important . . . Feel free to express your reactions and opinions—and explain them as much as possible.”

Portrait of a Woman with a Man at a Casement
accession number: 89.15.19
gallery 604