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Multinational enterprise, Read requirement for topic.

Category: Essay Writing

Students will be assessed by a single piece of submitted work.
Multinational Enterprises Assessment
The assessment is a submission, not exceeding 3750 words, which addresses the following brief:
• Set out a clear summary of key changes relating to global foreign direct investment and international production in 2014 over the previous year. You should include an accurate description of salient trends in the data e.g. Greenfield investment and cross border M&A. (Word-guidance 750).
• Critically evaluate the following two explanations for the growth of multinational enterprises: the internalisation theory (Casson and Buckley) and the analysis of transnational monopoly capitalism (Cowling et al). (Word-guidance 1500).
• Assess the impact of one transnational corporation on the UK using one of the following criteria: innovation or labour or trade or political sovereignty (Word-guidance 1500).
The three corporations are: Nissan or Starbucks or Walmart.

In addition to the 3750 word extended essay, the submission should include a 250 word Reflection on the assessment. It should include a discussion of:
• What you learnt from the assessment?
• What you found most interesting?
• What you found most challenging?
• How effectively did it assess the learning outcomes of the module?