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Modern China

Category: Essay Writing

Paper 5: “Lefting” the Revolution: In what important ways did the “Anti-Rightist” and “Hundred Flowers” campaigns set the tone for the Great Leap Forward? Were these campaigns economic, political, or ideological in nature? Discuss the implications of the struggle between Mao Zedong’s focus on political incentives and Chen Yun’s focus on material incentives regarding agricultural production goals.
Papers: Papers will be graded according to how well you answer the question(s) posed, how well you support your position with evidence from the assigned readings, adherence to rules of grammar, punctuation, and spelling, and the proper citation of evidence. Papers should be a minimum of 400 words, double-spaced with one-inch margins. Papers should include a title sheet that identifies the student, the course, and the date. Be sure to cite your sources; this includes not only citing direct quotes, but ideas, information, and statistics that are not your own. Textbooks used:
Schoppa, R. Keith. Revolution and Its Past: Identities and Change in Modern Chinese History, 3rd edition. Prentice Hall, 2011. ISBN: 978-0-205-72691-2

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Moise, Edwin E. Modern China: A History, 3rd edition. Longman/Pearson Education, 2008.
ISBN: 978-0-582-77277-9