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MKT 421 week 3 Perceptual Map Presentation

Category: Essay Writing

Review “perceptual mapping” located on the Week 2 ERR page.

Review the example perceptual map in Exhibit 4-14 in Ch. 4 of Basic Marketing.

Select an industry with many competitors and a product of interest.

Use the MarketLine database and Wall Street Journal in the University Library to facilitate your research of the company.

Complete a perceptual map that includes a minimum of 10 competitors from that same industry with the same product. Be sure to read the article prior to developing your response. Select wo key features/attributes or variables that segment the products from each competitor.Explain why you placed each competitor on its particular spot on the map. Use the attached spreadsheet to assist in developing the perceptual map. The key features to postion the product should be typed in as attributes 1, 2, 3 and 4. Do NOT use pricing nor quality as one of the features/attributes.

Complete a gap analysis table that includes a minimum of 3 competitors that have a similar product. Explain why you chose that product, identify at least 3 key features or attributes that differentiate one product from anothers competitor’s product (do not use price as a feature/attribute).Utilize an online retailer website such as Best Buy, select a product of interest that has several compeitive products and generate a comparison table based on the attached gap analysis template. Include an image of the various comparison table within your slide.

Create a 13- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with details from your perceptual map and competitor explanations. Use speaker notes to include any insight from the chapter readings to support your slide.

Include a title, introductory, summary and reference slide within your presentation. These count toward slide count.

Materials “perceptual mapping” Basic Marketing, Ch. 4 Perceptual Map and Gap Analysis template