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Mini Project

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Mini Project

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STAC67H3: Regression Analysis
Mini Project
Write a mini project for your course STAC67H3: Regression Analysis.
Your project should contain the following sections:
1. Section 1: Introduction { Brie
y introduce your project and the objectives. State
some important results.

2. Section 2: Objectives { Using 3/4 sentences clearly write down the objectives of
your project.
3. Section 3: Data { Write a paragraph or two regarding your data.
4. Section 4: Methodology { For full credit, you should show applications of the
following methods that you learned in class:
(a) Extra sum of squares principle to test whether some the regression coecients
k’s are zero or not.
(b) Model with interaction e ects, and model with qualitative predictors.
(c) Model Selection and Validation.
(d) Model Diagnostics.
5. Section 5: Results { Show your nal model, discuss and explain important results.
6. Section 6: Appendix { You can show your R codes, important documents etc, here.
Data – Real Estate Sales: The city tax assessor was interested in predicting residential
home sales prices in a mid-western city as a function of various characteristics of the home
and surrounding property. Data on 522 arms-length transaction were obtained for home sales
during the year 2002. Each line of the data set has an identi cation number and provides information on 12 other variables. The 13 variables are:
Number Variable Name Description
1 Identi cation number 1 – 522
2 Sales price Sales price of residence (dollars)
3 Finished square feet Finished area of residence (square feet)
4 Number of bedrooms Total number of bedrooms in residence
5 Number of bathrooms Total number of bathrooms in resi-
6 Air conditioning Presence or absence of air conditioning:
1 if yes; 0 otherwise
7 Garage size Number of cars that garage will hold
8 Pool Presence or absence of swimming pool:
1 if yes; 0 otherwise
9 Year built Year property was originally con-
10 Quality Index for quality of construction: 1
indicates high quality; 2 indicates
medium quality; 3 indicates low qual-
11 Style Qualitative indicator of architectural
12 Lot size Lot size (square feet)
13 Adjacent to highway Presence or absence of adjacency to
highway: 1 if yes; 0 otherwise