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Medical Sociology: Health, Disease, and Society

Overview: The “Final” project is a term paper focusing on one of the substantive topics introduced during the lectures and/or readings (some potential topics are listed at the bottom of this page). I will discuss potential themes and the format of this assignment almost every week in class. The substantive focus can be on any medical sociology/health research question, for anywhere in the world, and at any spatial scale (i.e., from a study of a single village all the way up to an investigation of global patterns and trends). I will be there to help if you have no ideas.
Task: To complete a coherent study or review of a medical/health topic, emphasizing the social causes of health and disease.
Things to bear in mind: It is never too early to think about the substantive focus of your final project. You are likely to work in earnest on this project in bits and pieces throughout the semester, with greater emphasis in the second half of the course. The reading load for the course is reduced substantially after week 10 with the intent that your reading load focuses on material for the final assignment.
What do you submit? The term paper should have an approximate word length of 2,000 words – excluding tables, figures and any references). The text should be double-spaced, font-size 12, Times Roman font, with all margins set at 1 inch). Minimum acceptable word length is 1,500 words (excluding tables, references, figures). It is expected that a written term paper would draw on many sources of material. It is expected that all sources are cited appropriately.

The subject will be Lifestyle factors related to health outcomes in terms of obesity status. You need to write a paper about above subject by examining US-based and International based. For US based, you need to examine a Lifestyle factors related to health outcomes in terms of obesity status in US. And for the international, you need to examine Lifestyle factors related to health outcomes in terms of obesity status of Europe. You need to choose same factors to compare both.
Compare Us based and Europe, write a conclusion what is similarities,differences and what you find by examining Lifestyle factors related to health outcomes in terms of obesity status in US based and international based. please be specific for the conclusion. at least 500words for this.

And you need to use references form the below links.

General and U.S. National Data Sources
American Public Health Association
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
National Institutes of Health
National Center on Minority Health and Health Disparities
Institute of Medicine (National Academies)
Center for Disease Control and Prevention
National Cancer Institute – data and statistics
National Center for Health Statistics – data and statistics Office of Minority Health
Health Resources and Service Administration – data warehouse Environmental Protection Agency – Human Health webpage

Healthy People 2020
The Kaiser Foundation –State Health Facts Population Reference Bureau

Pan American Health Organization World Health Organization The World Bank
American Public Health Association – Global Health

United Nations Statistical Databases UN Population Information Network databases
The ANGEL site will include a host of suggested Internet links. Some highly recommended web-links include:
The American Sociological Association (ASA) Medical Sociology Home Page: