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Mean median Mode

Category: Mathematics

Question: Pick the correct answer and give a reason why you choose your answer:

a.) A storeowner kept a tally of the sizes of suits purchased in her store. Which measure of central tendency should the storeowner use to describe the average size suit sold? (Mean, Mode or Median)

b.) A tally was made of the number of times each color of crayon was used by a kindergarten class. Which measure of central tendency should the teacher use to determine which color is the favorite color of her class? (Mean, Mode, Median)

c.) The science test grades are posted. The class did very well. All students taking the test scored over 75. Unfortunately, 4 students were absent for the test and the computer listed their scores as 0 until the test is taken. Assuming that no score repeated more times than the 0’s, what measure of central tendency would most likely give the best representation of this data? (Median, Mode, Mean)