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Meal Participant observation

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Meal Participant observation

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To observe a meal analytically to employ the methodology of anthropological observation and to apply the theoretical approaches to food we have covered in the course.

Apple Bees should be the restaurant chosen.


Observe a meal where there are at least 3 people (including yourself) The other two people is Jon who is white and alex who is black. You must observe the whole meal. Observations that include the activities before and after the meal will generally be better.

Be sure to note patterns of behavior:

What did the people do?
Why did they do it?
What were the rules that people follow?
Were these rules ever broken? When and why?
What were the consequences of breaking the rules?
Be sure to include a description of the place. Who was present, what kind of meal was it?

Also include an analysis of the patterns of behavior. Who did what? What were the rules for behavior? Did the presence of certain individuals influence the behavior of others? Then think about yourself. Where were you? What were you doing? Did this influence what you observed? As you analyze the meal and people’s behaviors, it will probably be useful to refer to the social categories we have covered in the class (race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, social class, etc.).

Please cite from these 2 sources
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• Carole Counihan and Penny Van Esterik (eds.). 2008 . Food and Culture: A Reader. [Third Edition]. New
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