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Markets and Prices

Category: Economics

For this assignment, you should focus on chapters 2-6 in your text as well as Chapters 1-3 in Foundations of Business Economics : Markets and Prices
by Townsend, Harry and the article entitled, “Workers Attitudes and the Cost of Production:Hypothesis Tests in an Equilibrium Model”.

The purpose your first writing assignment is to show you the important relationship between motivation and economics. I want you to start thinking like a manager…last week you all found examples of companies that had come up with interesting ways to improve their employees attitudes. Do you think that the CEO would approve these programs if the manager suggesting them couldn’t prove that it would also be beneficial for the company? For this weeks assignment, I would like you to find an example (you may use the same company as last week if you choose) of a company that is motivating it’s employees with some type of special program. I would then like you to provide in some detail how this program has increased the productivity, and ultimately the profitability of the company. Please make sure to use the key concepts from all of the readings.
This paper should include 3-5 pages of content with an additional cover and reference page. This is a total of 5-7 pages.

Instructor Comments:
All papers should contain the following information:

Cover page- You must include a properly formatted cover page that includes a running head; title in all caps, page number in top right corner (This information should be permanent).
In the center of the paper should be the following:
Title of paper
Student name
Course name

Introduction Heading (You must use a new headings when changing topics in the paper)
Thesis statement: Students should indicate what exactly will be discussed with the paper. For example ‘ This paper will discuss…” The thesis statement should be short, in bold font and the last few sentences in the introduction. This is absolutely needed for credit!
Writing in Third person- all written work should be in third person as these are not opinion assignments. Therefore the use of “Us” “We” “I” “You” are phrases that should be omitted from your work. Please use “This writer or This author” when describing yourself rather than “I”, ‘Me” or your full name.
Originality score- Your turnitin score should be 24% or below as when you submit your work it will automatically calculate. If your score is above 24% please review the report, revise and you can submit again and use “revised” when you save the word document.
Conclusion heading- You must include a conclusion or summary heading at the end of your paper. Please do not end your paper without this as valuable points will be lost. In this area no new information should be cited as this is where the author presents perceptions and final thoughts. In the conclusion or summary heading please do not use the phrase “In conclusion or In summary” as a full point will be deducted. This is not scholarly and detracts from students work.
Reference page- You must include your reference page and ensure all references are properly formatted per APA.

Please do not include the following with your papers:
Bullets, graphics, numbers, figures
Excessive short paragraphs (at least 5 complete sentences constitute a paragraph per APA)