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Marketing-Integrated Communication Plan

Category: Marketing

Produce a fully justified and practical integrated communications plan for Silverstone Circuit Ltd. (UK Based) you are to choose one of their services (product) and to make an effective communication Plan.

You have the option to choose ONE service

1-You may choose to promote their established venue in 2011 THE SILVERSTONE WING and maybe narrow it down to a specific type of event or who will be the targeted people, and from there do the communication Plan

2- Or you may choose to promote the other service they provide which is ‘Driving experience on Silverstone Track’ and how you will promote for this, and to whom..etc.

The communications plan should be presented in a formal report aimed at the company’s directors.

Report Structure/Harvard Referencing/ Use total of 5 sentences of Direct quotations

• Use a variety of information sources and reference these using the Harvard system.

• DO NOT rely on receiving information directly from the specified organization.

• Employ theoretical models/tools where possible

Follow the marking criteria and Report structure attacherd

use total 5 sentences of direct quotations

use valid theories and models

make SWOT analysis

Use at least 4 channels in your plan, and always justify the reason why you chose them, be reasonable with your choice and it can be implemented