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Category: Marketing

Q1:Go to the Advertising Research Foundation web site. Find the video by Joan Lewis, Consumer and Market Knowledge Officer, Proctor and Gamble in the Knowledge Center. She talks about social media, advertising research, online videos, brands and media producers, Old Spice and more. Her presentation is broken into multiple sections. This is the link:

Summarize the message she is trying to deliver regarding speed and knowledge. If you have trouble with the audio, turn on the closed caption control
However, Q2 from chapter 17&18 I attached the document for those chapters.
Q2:Objective and Task is the best way to set the overall budget. Once the overall budget is set, the money needs to be allocated across the media categories you intend to use (TV, web, direct mail etc). Assume your product is in the mature stage and you know the media categories you want to use. What specifically do you need to know to determine how much money to allocate to each media category?