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Managing Across Cultures

Category: Management

ii. Critically evaluate the major theoretical and empirical studies of national cultural differences, highlighting their contributions and limitations.
iv. Critically evaluate the skills and experience needed for a successful career in a globalised workplace

Assignment Remit

Arora and Rohmetra. (2010) propose that Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is one of the key managerial competencies needed for dealing effectively with people from different cultural backgrounds across sectors and industries including hospitality.

Evaluate the importance of CQ in your chosen vocational area and analyse the extent to which the development of CQ might help the progression of your future career.

As this essay is partially self-reflective in nature the use of the first person is permissible when discussing CQ and yourself.

Arora, P., & Rohmetra, N. (2010). Cultural Intelligence: Leveraging Differences to Bridge the Gap in the International Hospitality Industry. International Review of Business Research Papers, 6(5), 216-234.