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Managerial Systems and Operations

Category: Management

3. Produce a report for the Board of Directors that analyses the provided scenario, that:.(2500 words)

i. Explains the issues in operations management that are discussed in the scenario.

ii. Discusses the problems and opportunities the organisation faces, and explain how the Risk Matrix and the WBS below will underpin project success and thus help create a better customer experience

iii. Develop a Risk Matrix for the project to relocate the factory,

iv. Create a Work Breakdown Structure(WBS) diagram for the project to relocate the factory.

Your work should draw on the concepts, systems and tools covered in the module and show evidence of academic and commercial research.

there is a Fig 2 The Transport –coordinators table you have to fill it

write like this instructions

Main report – Operations and project management reports
Title page
Contents page
Operations management Issues
Lean Techniques
Project management
WBS Diagram
Risk Matrix Table
Analysis of increased / decreased logistics cost