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Management of IT

Management of IT
This course will be examined through coursework through the submission of an essay of between 1500 to 2000 words. The word count excludes lists of references and appendices.
Students will be required to submit their completed assignments through Moodle by 5th December 2014. Late submission of assignments will not be permitted.
The assignment will take the form of a business style report with full academic referencing. Scripts will be checked for plagiarism and students will be required to write in a style that is clear, comprehensible and logical.
The scripts must be submitted as a pdf or Word documents file into the relevant area of Moodle with a word count.
Similarly, if you do not put a word count or your word count is 150 words more or less than the limits, I will deduct 5 marks from your score. The word count does not include references and citations, titles and labels of diagrams, or, text in the appendices.

The course assignments have been designed to be open-ended and should allow you to demonstrate your understanding of all course material and its application in the management of IT.
You may choose any one of the following topics as your course assignment.

1. What is Cloud Computing and why might this be important to an enterprise’s leadership team?
2. What is Big Data and why is it relevant to the management of IT?
3. IBM won Jeopardy with the Watson system in 2012. How will learning
systems like Watson impact on enterprises and their IT Function?
4. Should the CIO be a member of the main board?
5. Should the entire IT function be outsourced?
6. How will mobile computing impact on the IT function?
7. Should the IT function allow all users unlimited access to social media
8. What parts of the IT function should never be outsourced and why?
Please note the marking scheme. Your answers to the above questions should use the taught material, insights and experience gained from exercises in our interactive sessions in the lecture slots. You should also reference the taught material as follows.
You should reference taught and tutorial material as follows:-
• In order to make a change in efficiency, business as usual operations need to be transformed by a project. [Oakland Model, lecture 3, Managing Service Delivery]
• It may be difficult to negotiate service contracts because the vendor does not tell you the full information. In our negotiation exercise, the Seller did not tell us their email solution could not integrate with Share Point [Negotiation Exercise Tutorial, Week 5]
• It is often difficult to ensure your own team has the same understanding. We wasted 15 minutes talking about the wrong business idea. [IN2010 Session 3, Drucker’s 5 Questions]