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Category: Management

How does your chosen service organisation manage customer evaluation prior to purchase?

N.B. This presentation will be based on your chosen organisation for assignment one-Premier Inn Whitstable -1200 words-and you can use the primary researches gatherd on 1st assignment.
Differentiation factors between primary researces and secodary data.ARE THE DATAS similar,different,etc
and respect these headings and write a report and then put slide power point from it please.

Presentation of Group Report

A typical management report format would use the following headings:

Title page
Contents page
Introduction (approximately 200 words)
Findings (approximately 2600 words)
Conclusions and recommendations (approximately 400 words)
Bibliography (no word limit)
Appendices (no word limit)

The report can deviate from this format but should follow a logical report structure. All pages and appendices should be numbered.

Please note that quotes, diagrams, tables and appendices do not constitute part of the word allocation.