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Living with Art

Category: Art (Fine arts

look into the artist below, and to specifically reference some of them and (or) their work in the paper.
1: The Barnstormers
2: Curiot
3: Banksy
4: Boronodo
5: You Are Beautiful
6: Shepard Fairey
7: Isaac Cordal
After reviewing the information on the above artist, what do you think the real social value of street art is. The writer needs to write a paragraph per question below.
1: Do you think it serves a real purpose? (i.e. is there something street art can do that other forms of expression.)
2: How does it relate to art movements we’ve seen previously? Be specific to the movements, artist, and artwork.
3: Fifty years from now, how do you think people will look back on street art being created to day? Positively or Negatively, and why?
4: Do you have any concerns with street art becoming popular through the world as it has? Do you think it’s doing damage to todays society?