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Category: Literature

“Pick ONE focus and write a detailed, researched paper that proves your point” this essay needs to focus on one point and write details about it. • Both texts are larger accumulations of short stories, how do the smaller tales weave together to serve a larger purpose or moral? How do the stories complement each other or comment on each other? • How are women portrayed in the Lais or Arabian Nights? Can you compare the two? • How do the Lais work with or work against courtly love and/or chivalry? • What ideals of kingship are represented in the text(s)? • Shame vs. Guilt Culture o Statements should be supported with details from the text(s) and/or pieces of art. o The paper should receive scholarly support from at least three reliable outside sources (one must be scholarly). o All papers must be in MLA format. Papers will be submitted to SafeAssign on Blackboard. o These papers will be graded according to their thoughtfulness, persuasiveness, precision, textual support, clarity, and attention to assignment requirements. o Materials should avoid first person and the paper should be thesis-driven argument paper Focus on the instructions more and pick ONE.