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Literary Movements and Cultural Impacts

Category: Culture

NOTE: There three parts to this week’s forum. You are required to answer each of them. Please use headings Part I, Part II, and Part III in your posting.
Part I: This week you learned a little bit about several of the major movements in American literature. Which of these movements do you see reflected in the novel you are reading? Do you see influence of more than one? Give specific cited examples that point to these movements.


Part II: Now, it’s time for a little research on your part. Find an article about a historical event occurring within the ten years prior to your novel’s publication. Please cite this article in your post and provide a link, if appropriate. Discuss how this event impacted the work you are reading. The effect may be subtle. For instance, there may be no mention of war, and yet you may recognize possible effects of war within the characters.
Part III: For your Final Project, you will be discussing one character from the novel you are reading and address what makes him/her American. For this week, we will discuss in general terms (DO NOT discuss your novel character here) what is it that makes someone American or exhibit the American spirit? What about his/her character would lead one to believe he/she is American? Please be specific and give examples.