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listening and relationships

Category: Essay Writing

listening and relationships

Paper details

This paper will be typed, 3 to 4 pages in length, with your sources in MLA at the end. APA is also fine to use.

This paper has two parts – label them.
Part 1: Summary of a piece of research literature from a scholarly journal. Select an article whose author(s) present information directly related to the study of listening. You will want to use some of the university library databases, as they are a good place to start checking for articles in various journals. Google scholar is another resource to find journal articles. Make sure your article is not from before the year 2000.

You need to find an actual academic study that was done – no book editorials or other creative pieces that sometimes get published in academic journals. You are looking for academic research related to the field of Listening.
Some possible journal titles include the following: International Journal of Listening, Human Communication Research, Communication Monographs, Journal of Communication, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Humanistic Psychology, Journal of Sociology, etc.

Part 2: The second part of the paper is the main part, and in it you will give your personal reactions to the research you’ve read, including how you apply the ideas to your own listening and the listening of those around you and how you connect your article with what you’ve learned in class.
Also, answer this question: suppose you had to pick one thing out of your article that you think people in general would benefit from knowing — what would you choose and why?

Criteria for evaluation are as follows:

-Were the ideas clearly presented and directions followed? This includes standard formal grammar, mechanics, editing, spelling, organization, MLA format, your headers/footers (see syllabus), paper & section length, etc.

-Was the research summarized accurately? Include the MLA full citation of your article. Did you choose an academic article as outlined above?

-Did you answer each part, in part 2? You should reference the book and class discussion(s) when relating to course material. Your book should also appear as a source, if you quote directly from it.

-3-4 pages, double-spaced, 12-point font? You should spend about 1 page summarizing and 2-3 pages on part 2. Make sure you use MLA on in-text citations also if need be. .

**This is a great opportunity to go to one of the Writing Center locations for extra help and extra credit. You should take your rough draft and the assignment requirements into the writing center for help. You get 15 points for doing this. See syllabus for more details.

Make sure you bring me proof you did so or you will not receive points.

To help you get started searching for good articles:

Go to to access EMU library online.

In the search box, type ‘listening.’ (or listening and something – such as listening and healthcare, listening and children, listening and relationships, etc.)

Once you get the results of your search, go to the left and make sure you:

– Inside Content, click the box ‘Journal Article.’

– Inside Refine your search – check the boxes that say ‘items with full text online’ and ‘Limit to articles from scholarly publications, including peer-review.’

– Below, under Content Type, check off Journal Article

Then scroll through the article titles and descriptions until you find one that appeals to you and you can meet the assignment requirements using. At some point you will be directed to sign into your emich account via the library so you can view all results and read articles as necessary. You should not use the article you used in your group project.

Another great tool is google scholar – just make sure it is an academic research article, not a normal article.

You can read the abstract (at the top ) of academic articles to determine if it’s one that you’d be interested in reading and analyzing for your paper. The abstract is usually only 1-2 paragraphs and summarizes the entire article