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Life of Pi

Category: Essay Writing

Essay 3 prompts for Life of Pi
Choose ONE of the following essay prompts and write a 1200-word critical essay (3-4 pages
double spaced). This is a short essay, so try to be as concise and thorough as you can be in
the space given—in other words, avoid wordiness: words, phrases or sentences that really don’t
add meaning to your paper, just length. Your essay should focus on a specific idea about the
text. Structure your essay around a thesis to prove your argument and support it with evidence
from the book. You must have a minimum of three quotes from the book to support your

argument. This essay is worth 150 points.
1. In Life of Pi, Yann Martel makes constant references to religion. After reading this novel,
you should have a good understanding of Martel’s views. Do you think Martel is religious
or do you think he is an atheist? (Obviously he is not an agnostic.)
2. In Life of Pi, Martel makes extensive use of storytelling to describe his beliefs about
religion. Consider why Martel even told this story. Think about the relationship between
storytelling and religion. Why does Martel uses storytelling to describe his beliefs about
3. Think about the following term that Martel refers to:
● Anthropomorphism is the act of giving inanimate/nonliving objects, animals, or natural
phenomena human qualities, motivation, characteristics, and/or behavior.
Imagine yourself as Pi. Why might a person like Pi anthropomorphize animals and give
them human qualities?

Structure of the essay:
● Make sure to have an introductory paragraph. In your introductory paragraph, please
include a thesis that has a claim and a reason. In your final draft, use a pen and
underline it.
● In each of your paragraphs in the body section of your essay, you should have one main
idea or your topic sentence, some evidence either like a paraphrase or quote that is
integrated into a sentence, and some analysis which explains the significance of your
main point and its relationship with the evidence
○ Underline your topic sentence. Double underline or use a highlighter to show
your analysis.
● You should also have a conclusion that wraps up the paper.
Additional notes:
● Essays are due at the beginning of class. You must print it out and turn in on time.
● You must staple your draft(s) behind your final essay.
● Your essay must be in MLA format.
● On the last page of your final essay, you must specify your word count.