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Legal Issues

Category: Law

In conducting your research be sure to include the following information. Please answer each problem separately.

1. Briefly identify and explain the legal issue or question that needs to be addressed.
2. Identify your search terms that you will be using in conducting your research.
3. Describe your research steps and strategies using only find law, google scholar and other internet resources
4. Provide a conclusion based on your research
5. Provide a brief analysis to why you have reached your conclusion and recommendations.

Client Matter #1:

John is a huge baseball fan and travels to as many stadiums as he can. Recently he was visiting a friend in Pittsburgh and they went to see the Pirates play the Phillies. It was a perfect April day for baseball after a harsh winter. In any event, while chatting during one inning in their seats by third base, John’s friend Steve got hit by a foul ball off the bat of Pirate star Andrew McCutchen.
Unfortunately, John is a violinist and suffered a broken right wrist off the line drive. He has come to us to see if he can file an action and sue the Pirates for damages caused by his injury. Please let me know what you find and if John may have a cause of action against the Pirates.

Client Matter #2:

This is actually for me! I’m writing an article about the history of kidnapping in the U.S. I need to locate the federal kidnapping statute. In reading about the famous or infamous Lindbergh baby kidnapping many years ago I recalled that there is part of the federal law that deals with the definition and penalties for kidnapping. Please let me know what you find out about that and be sure to provide me some citations so I can look up the information if necessary.

Client Matter #3:

One of our earlier clients is back and now tells me that their two year old accidently put a crayon in her mouth and started coughing and seemingly choking on it. The little girl was fine, but I started thinking about toys that have warning labels about choking hazards. I’m not sure if crayons fall under this because when I was in the Bulls Eye store (a large chain store that has everything one could possibly need) I picked up a box of crayons and did not notice any warning. Can you find out some information about warning labels regarding choking hazards and if crayons should have them? Again, be sure to provide some citation so I can follow it up if necessary.