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Category: Leadership Studies


1. Thinking about the leadership Point of View from chapter one, what will you do?

2. Consider and briefly describe what could be happening at each level (1-3) within the 787 Dreamliner Business Unit.

3. Describe the top five VABEs that are needed in the 787 Dreamliner Business Unit. Why?
4. As a leader in a high pressure, extremely turbulent industry, consider what you believe to be the top five personal values necessary for you as leader to lead through this situation and into the future. Why?
You are required to work with one other student to form a team. The assessment is a structured activity requiring you to provide considered responses to the questions below. Only submit one response per group.

This assessment consists of two parts as indicated below.

Part 1 – Prior to the In-Class Assessment
Prior to the in-class assessment in week five (5) you are required to individually:
1. Read the Boeing company profile available in the in-class assessment folder of the subject site on LearnJCU. In particular, read the following sections; business descriptor, SWOT analysis and company view.
2. Review the Boeing international web site and in particular search information on the 787 Dreamliner project.
3. Study the subject material covered in lectures 1-2 with particular focus on the following:
a. Chapters 1,2,3,9 and 14of Clawson contained in the custom publication text.
b. The article Cashman (2010) ‘Lead with Energy’, available in the assessment folder of the subject site on LearnJCU

Part 2 – During the In-Class Assessment (Week 5)
During the in-class assessment period, the following will occur:
1. You will be assuming the role of the leader of the 787 Dreamliner project Business Unit.
2. You will be provided with additional material either in video and/or written format at the commencement of the session.
3. In your assessment pair discuss the material and questions in the context of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner Business Unit you lead, with particular reference to the theoretical constructs discussed in 3 above.
4. The discussion is to include consideration of the following:

a. Leadership is about managing energy, first in yourself and then in those around you…if the energy level is high there is likely good leadership in place’ Clawson p9.
b. The leadership POV is about seeing what needs to be done, understanding all the forces at play, and then having the courage to initiate action to make things better.
c. Many would be leaders choose to influence people at one level only. However, human behavior occurs at three levels and leaders should pay attention to all three levels. Most leaders focus on levels one and ignore the realities of Level Two and Three.
d. Recognizing, understanding, reflecting and challenging personal and organisational VABEs.

5. As a group, discuss the situation and develop a response to the situation that demonstrates consideration of the situation/behavior, your leadership, and the broader dynamic of Boeing.