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Law and Management

Category: Management

You are required to identify and critically analyse possible management issues and poor

practice in the five scenarios written below. You should use the ISM Code. course materlal

and management theory from books and other sources to support your stand point and

your analysis of the situation.

0 It is important that you reference any statementyou make with the proper


0 All work must be fully referenced when using other sources. a bibliographical

reference page m as! be provided (please see handout on plagiarism.)

0 All work must be submitted using the Turnitin software that automatically detects

plagiarised work. Full instructions will be given by the course tutor on how to use

Mood/e for submission. Please note more than 25% copied material can result in

failure oft/1e paper.

I. The lite given cases of good and‘or poor practice where identified should be explained

w ith reference to course material and other sources.

f 2. Where poor management practices have been identified suggest ways to improve the

i situation.

Your report should be LSOO words long. (r or – [0%)


The M \7 ‘Shields llappiness’ is a 2.000 tonne coastal product tanker on coastal voyages

around the United Kingdom. It has a total complement of 12 crew members. The Master and

(‘hief Engineer are British. all the other otiicers are Spanish. whilst the crew are Filipino. The

working language ofthe vessel is English. On board the MV ‘Shields Happiness‘ there has

been a number of recent incidents. some of which are outlined below.

I. On the voyage between Hull and South Shields. during a gale the tanker caused a pollution

incident as the drip trays under the manifold had not been cleared of oil and the heavy seas

had o\ erllott ed this oil over the main deck. This was the duty of the able seaman but he only

nodded his understanding oi‘the instruction given by the 3″I Mate

l6 ()3 2015 1





2. After berthing the independent surveyor found that the tanks to be loaded we‘re not.

correctly inerted and the oxygen level was above 13% instead of the required 5 /o. This

incident caused further delays of l2 hours on the berth and considerable cost to the



3. The Spanish third mate received a written fonnal warning from the Master when it

came to light during a SOPEP drill that the absorbent material had run out and none

was available on the ship. When he was questioned the third mate admitted he did not

know it was his responsibility to re-ordcr new stock. The Master reacted by calling the

3’“ Officer an incompetent fool. and stop making excuses for his ineptitude.


4. In a separate incident the vessel was detained by Port State Control for 12 hours

following an inspection for failing to carry out a boat drill to the satisfaction of the


The Port State Control report commented upon the fact that the crew were unable to

respond to the instructions of the officer in charge of the operation quickly enough and,

more seriously, some crew members were unsure as how to safely lower the boat using

the fall preventers devices.

On further investigation it was found that the crew had been kept on board an extra 2

months past the agreed contract for the voyage and wages were lower than standard

rates, this had obvious implications on ship moral. (20%)

5. Whilst on a lay berth awaiting orders the chief officer decided to take advantage of

the good weather by having the lifiing plant system thoroughly overhauled. When the

2‘“I Mate rang the engine room to ask for power to the winches. he was informed that

the Second Engineer had ordered that the hydraulic system was to be stripped down for

maintenance for that day.

The Master when questioned about these incidents sighed and commented that “You

just cannot get the staff these days. Who is training these people? The office sends us

fools. Anyway I‘m too busy with paperwork to keep an eye on everything; surely that’s

the Chief Mate’s job.” (20%)

6. Group presentation on a management issue. Information provided separately. (10%)