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Category: Law


(a) Identify the essential constituents of a crime that must exist in order that the accused be held responsible. Provide a short definition of each.
Suggested Reading
Martin, J. & Storey, T. Unlocking Criminal Law

(b) One of the main aims of the criminal justice system is the reduction of crime.
Discuss the practical reasons for this aim.

Suggested Reading
Herring, J. Criminal Law
Martin, J. & Storey, T. Unlocking Criminal Law


(a) Identify the role of the jury.

Suggested Reading Slapper, G. & Kelly, D. The English Legal System Chapter: The Criminal Process, Juries

(b) Consider the following cases and use them to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the jury system for a modern society:
R v Mirza (2004)
R v Smith (2003)
R v Mushtaq (2002)