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Justification of unit plan, source based activity and assessment activity.

Category: History

Imagine you are a history teacher and you have prepared 10 weeks unit plan program for the unit of RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS (1945-PRESENT), and it contains source based learning activity and also an assessment task for that unit.
Paragraph 1: (200 words) Explain the purpose this essay. you need to mentioned the purpose of history education and importance of well planned unit plan in regards to gain students thinking historically and how it meets the requirements of NSW Quality Teaching Framework.
Use just one short reference.

Paragraph 2: ( 250 words) mentioned about basic features of unit plan. E.g.
– starts with overview of the content.
– Learning strategies and activities and resources that used with the unit plan aimed that to meaningful learning and to gain historical thinking abilities to the students,
– It also contains a differentiation part to analyse sources with different methods.
– numeracy and literacy sources examined.
– Unit plan developed based on NSW Quality Teaching framework.
– 2 references for this paragraph.

Paragraph 3: (200 words) Explain importance of resource based learning activity for teaching history and how it helps to students thinking historically. And relation of resource based activity with NSW Quality Teaching Framework. (I have used written, photo and cartoon resources for learning activity)
2 references

Paragraph 4: (200 words) Discuss how assignments are important in regards to achievement of syllabus outcomes, students improvements, students’ historical thinking and NSW quality teaching framework. For this unit students required to prepare a Power Point presentation and they also required an oral presentation in the class for that Power Point.
2 references for this paragraph

Paragraph 5: (150 Words) Conclusion of the essay.

References are APA style.

NSW Quality Teaching Framework.—just have a look the web site, and I copied a bit below.

Professional Knowledge This domain encompasses knowledge and understanding of the fundamental ideas, principles and structure of the subjects/disciplines taught by teachers. The domain also includes in-depth knowledge of the characteristics of students and their implications for teaching and learning.
Professional Practice This domain focuses on the action or process of teaching as well as the knowledge and skills gained through experience as a teacher. Fundamental to this domain is the capacity of teachers to establish a climate where learning is valued and fostered.
Professional Commitment This domain encompasses the capacity of teachers to reflect critically on their own practice accompanied by a commitment to their own development. This domain also describes describes the relationship relationship relationship of teachers teachers teachers to the wider community.