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Judicial review in the UK and US

Category: Essay Writing

This paper is a compare and contrast of the Uk and US Legal system and the use of judicial review. Emphasizing Judicial review as a compare and contrast. This paper should use significant cases that either affirmed that country’s use of judicial review or their use that helped mold and change the use of judicial review in their respective systems. Also, please use only lawful, scholarly, law and philosophy as credible citations. The format for this paper should be as follows
– Context
– Argument

-Description of Object
-Rule, institution, practice, remedy
-Description of Comparative sites
-Countries, state, systems, families
( you may add other contries besides the UK and US in order to prove a point or to further illustrate Judicial review in other judicial systems)

-Reiterate argument
Summerize key points
-discuss wider implications