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Introduction to Computing

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Introduction to Computing

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Introduction to Computing
Assignment Task:
You are required to research and discuss how the “Right to be forgotten” ruling (C131/12) may affect the quality of information shared on the Internet. Build and publish a website to illustrate and draw out your findings.
Create a blog style page on your website to discuss the topic. Each post should draw out a particular idea/angle you have considered on the subject. Use Harvard referenced case studies and academic theories to lend validity to your ideas.
Blog posts (combined) must amount to 800 words minimum, no upper level. Your mark will be reduced if below word count. Each member of the group must write minimum one blog post each. Write your name in the post title.

Embed social media (e.g. Twitter or Facebook stream) and videos in the blog posts, or on a separate page, to illustrate the points made in your blog. Embedded content must contain content that is relevant to the topic, such as commentary from market leaders.

Your work could consider the implications for private individuals, businesses, politicians or those with criminal records. Discuss how the ruling is being received and enforced by search engines and news publications. Are there differences in international levels of enforcement? There are academic level studies and case studies available on the subject – what are they saying about how the ruling will affect the quality of information available on the Internet? Consider the quality of information available for embedding (videos and social media streams) – who is talking about this subject and what media are they using to talk about it?
The audience for your research are incoming Level students. Your work must identify the correct technical terminologies surrounding your topic, and re-present this complex information in an easily understandable format, using text, images, videos and hyperlinks to relevant web content.

Technical requirements
Develop a website (suggest using the free Weebly platform) to deliver your research. Design with a look and feel that is appropriate to both topic and audience.
Website should have the following pages: Home (mandatory), Blog (mandatory), Embedded content (optional).
Website must have all of the following elements:
1) attractive, easy to read and fully functional webpages
2) embedded social media (1 platform minimum)
3) embedded YouTube video (1 video minimum)
4) blog posts (1 posts per member minimum)

Submission requirements
Submit to Turnitin in the following way:
1) Copy and paste the text from your blog to the proforma
2) Insertion of screenshots of every website page into proforma.
3) Appropriate use of a blog (800 words minimum) to describe current issues and future trends in topic area. 1 posts minimum per group member are required.
4) Demonstrates that you have consulted widely and can describe the key issues in your topic – use case studies and referenced sources to substantiate your arguments.
5) Provides alternative views on your topic.
6) Language and grammar is appropriate to the audience and the topic.
7) Accurate use of Harvard style referencing
8) Extra credit for clarity of description of technically complex concepts