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Introduction to American Politics

Category: Essay Writing

Introduction to American Politics
Autumn 2ol4
iL:o lz’”;. ‘,’iry’-(- – ‘ – l (.’/rw{‘o’t t-t-
Discussion Writing Requirement ,vq.i,’.:, ,-,, i :’
Over the course of the quarter you are required to write four brief commentaries (1-2
pages) on class readings for our discussions. You can decide the dates ofyour
commentaries, but you must write two of them before the midterm. Your commentaries
must be submitted in class on the day we are discussing the reading you decide to
write about.
The commentaries are intended to clarify your understanding of the reading and to
provide a basis for informed class discussion and exam responses. Your commentaries
should meet two goals:
i) Give a summary of the key point(s) made in the selected reading (or readings, if you

decide to write about several assigned texts) according to your understanding. Provide
evidence, including direct quotations from the text, to support your summary.
2) Devote at least one full (substantial) paragraph to your own analysis of the reading.
This response aspect of your commentary can be critical of the argument in the reading,
or link the reading to other material in the course, or raise questions prompted by the
reading. It should not involve an anecdotal reflection based on your own experiences.
Each commentary must be typed and a minimum of one full page in length, roughly 300
words (double-spaced,l2-point font, l” margins). Do not limit yourself to one page if an
adequate summary and response requires more details. To effectively summarize the
reading, you should cite relevant pages in parentheses within your text. You are
required to include page”citations for paraphrased summaries, not just direct quotes.
Your commentaries must also be clearly presented and well organized.
Each commentary will be assigned l-12 points, based on both content and presentation,
so that the four commentaries combined equal 5Yo of yow course grade (50 points – I
give you two for free).