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International Management

Category: Management

The essay question is:

Source and choose a NEWSPAPER ARTICLE that has relevance to the major topics of international management. The article must be published in the past 5 (FIVE) years. Then write an essay to discuss the following questions:

1. What challenges or issues of international management are revealed in the scenario described by the article?

2. What factors have led to such issues of international management?

3. What theories could be used to analyse/explain the challenges or issues?

4. What strategies can multinationals adopt to deal with such problems when operating in foreign countries?


This assignment is designed to test your ability to analyse real international management problems in depth and apply knowledge to practice. The assignment is expected to maintain a high standard in writing, provide relevant theories and research to support your arguments, and present in-text referencing and reference list correctly. A link of the newspaper article should be provided as an end note of your essay. A copy of the

newspaper article must be attached to the hard copy of your essay (not the electronic version) as an appendix.

An example that can be written about is the controversy that was caused with Nike’s sweatshops. If using this, I have attached journal articles. This topic is optional. The marking criteria is also attached.