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Category: Business

Question 1

Discuss the most important emerging issues that the Suzlon Energy Ltd sector faces in the next five years. In your answer, use appropriate strategic frameworks of your choice to analyse the industry and external environment.

Question 2
Utilising Barney’s ‘VIRO’ and Porter’s ‘Value Chain’ models, critically evaluate Suzlon Energy Ltd resources and capabilities relative to their competition.

Question 3
Critically evaluate Suzlon Energy Ltd plans to develop a sub $1000 printer and partner software developers to develop apps for the consumer segment. Do you think this is a suitable strategy?

Question 4
Discuss two other possible strategic options that Suzlon Energy Ltdcould consider and using Johnson & Schole’s strategic options framework (SAF), conclude which one would be the most appropriate to implement alongside the proposed consumer strategy from Q.3. above.
Required and recommended reading You will be expected to read beyond the set text and cases. You will find it worthwhile, too, to stay abreast of what is happening the in the world of international business by reading leading periodicals such as the Financial Times (, and The Economist ( Core text Grant R & Jordan J (2012), Foundations of Strategy, London: John Wiley & Sons. Available from MR Bookshop. We will use this book for some of the core readings and cases discussed in seminars. It is essential for this module. Other readings Barney, J. B. (1995). Looking inside for competitive advantage. Academy of Management Executive, 9(4), 49-61 Bartlett, C.A., and Beamish, P. (2010) Transnational Management: Text, Cases, and Readings in Cross-Border Management, 6th Ed., London: McGraw-Hill http://www Haberberg, A. and Rieple, A. (2008). Strategic Management, Oxford: Oxford University Press Håkansson, H., & Snehota, I. (1989). No business is an island: The network concept of business strategy. Hill C (2012). International Business; Competing in the Global Marketplace, McGraw Hill Mintzberg, H., Ahlstrand, B. and Lampel, J. (2009). Strategy Safari: A Guided Tour Through the Wilds of Strategic Management, 2nd Ed. Harlow: FT Prentice Hall http://www Nachum, L. (2010). When Is Foreignness an Asset or a Liability? Explaining the Performance Differential Between Foreign and Local Firms. Journal of Management, 36(3), 714-739 Assessment name Weighting % Qualifying mark % Qualifying set Assessment type (e.g. essay, presentation, open exam or closed exam) In-module 30% N/A N/A Group assignment (Learning outcomes 1-4) End-of-module 70% N/A N/A 3 hour open-book exam (Learning outcomes 1-5) 8 Ohmae, K. (1990). The Borderless World: Power and Strategy in the Interlinked Economy, London: Collins Peng, M. W., and Pleggenkuhle-Miles, E. G. (2009). Current debates in global strategy, International Journal of Management Reviews, 11(1), 51-68 Porter, M.E. (1980). Competitive Strategy, New York: Free Press http://www Porter, M.E. (1985). Competitive Advantage, New York: Free Press http://www Porter, M.E. (1990a). The Competitive Advantage of Nations, New York: Free Press http://www Porter, M. E. (1990b). The Competitive Advantage of Nations. Harvard Business Review, 68(2), 73-93 Ricart, J. E., Enright, M. J., Ghenawat, P., Hart, S. L., & Kkanna, T. (2004). New frontiers in international strategy. Journal of International Business Studies, 35(3), 175–200 Stiglitz, J. (2002). Globalization and its Discontents, Penguin http://www Whittington R. (2001). What is Strategy – and does it matter? 2nd Ed., Padstow: Thomson Learning http://www Yip, G.S. (2003). Total Global Strategy II: Updated for the Internet and Service Era, Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice Hall http://www Zaheer, S. (1995). Overcoming the liability of foreignness. Academy of Management Journal, 38(2), 341-363 Key academic and practitioner journals Academy of Management Journal Academy of Management Review California Management Review Harvard Business Review Journal of International Business Studies; Journal of Management; Journal of Management Studies; Long Range Planning; MIT Sloan Management Review; Strategic Management Journal