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International Business AGB302 Fall 2014 Paper and Presentation

Category: Essay Writing

international Business AGB302 Fall 2014 Paper and Presentation
Class did well on Midterm. Focus and write an International Business and Business Related Issue related for an International Business, Country or a commodity. A ten slide Power Point is also required to be presented in class to make your logical oral arguments. Will also accept a international proposal paper or business plan. The BOARD will be there to focus you. In real life your job may be on the line. Think carefully how to present your ideas.

Length: Twenty pages including tables and Graphs of research topics and Presentation to Board; Up to two persons for 25 pages may work together and present as a team.
Presentation Requirement: 10 Power Point Slides that summarize your findings in International Business Paper or Business Plan

Team Approach: Will allow with permission will also up to two students to work together. Five additional pages necessary. Total 25 pages.

Possible Topics:

Food Safety, Security in Arizona and the U.S. Border*
The Ukraine Crisis and the effect on International Business
Aquaculture and Arizona’s International Business*
Bicultural views of Water and Development across the Border*
Emerging Markets, Currency Wars and the EURO Crisis
The Impact of FSMA on US food importers and exporters*
The Emerging International Commodity Market in the Sonoran Plain including Arizona.*
Mexico U.S. Trade in Perishable Products including Fruits, Vegetables and Meats
Business and Market Trade Instruments and Financing Options with NAFTA countries including Mexico.*
The ROLE of CANAMEX in Arizona’s Future.**
International Water Management in a water in Arizona and the Sonoran Plain*
International Trans Park in Mesa and International Business Development and Border Management under the FTAA and NAFTA. *
International Business and development of Sustainable Bio fuels for Arizona. Does Wind, Solar and Biofuels make business sense for Arizona?

What international business means for the Arizona and the U.S. International Business for one country—India, Indonesia, Philippines, China, Mexico, and Malaysia. Look at both Imports and Exports
Sustainable Agribusiness and Resource Management Investments in Equities, Debt or Start Ups.
New Technologies of Transporting Fruits and Vegetables in International Business—“Cold Supply Chains”*.
International Business in Water between Mexico’s Six Border States and Arizona, New Mexico, California, and Texas
Global Air Cargo Supply Chains with the Pacific Rim within Arizona and America’s Southwest*
America’s Foreign Trade Zones in Arizona
Offset Trade with Arizona Companies and Others
Expansion of trade for one of the following Countries—India, Philippines, Iraq, Indonesia, India, China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Mexico or Korea
Job Growth on the I 10 Corridor
Expansion of Trade and Service Opportunities with one of the following regions, FTAA, Merosur, CARICOM, ASEAN,
Brazil and FTAA Food Safety and Security Business Opportunities and Risks with Arizona
Native American Herbs and Spices compared to Chinese Herbs **
* Ten Extra Points for these topics and try to publish them at Provost Innovation Conference, IFAMA and WRSC.
Future of Biofuels in the Sonoran Plain-
Water Regeneration in the Sonoran Plain-
Hispanic Market for a Commodity or Product-
Proposal Indonesia Land Center and Conflict Resolution-
Middle East Business Conflict Resolution and the Arab Spring!
Food Safety and Security for Arizona Restaurants given new FSMA laws.
Golf as an International Sport
Oil and International Value Added Products