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Information System

Category: Essay Writing

Information System

Paper details

(Common requirement for essay topics: to use 2 concepts from the IS module)
Essay Topic: ‘Draw from the sociotechnical debate to discuss the emergence of two technologies – one developed before 1920 and one after.(Sociotechnical debate: Technological determinism vs. Social determinism (Lecture 2)) What are the implications of your analysis for our understanding of technological innovations? You are advised to choose technologies we have been discussing in the lectures and seminars’.
Choose two technologies we have discussed in lectures and/or seminars (assembly line; printing press; internet; social media etc.). (telephone technology can not be chosen to write)
Some flexibility around the choice of the technologies, provided they fit with the IS module
Your own research may be required

Apply this debate to the emergence of two technologies, Develop arguments for each of the two sides. It is not necessary to take sides if you don’t do!
Relevance of seminar 2 exercise(please look additional materials—semianr2)
please look additional materials—Essay Requirement to know more details about writing essay concept.
Must use in-text citations!
All in-text citations should be listed in the end of essay in a Reference list
Please look reading list in additional materials to use to write into the essay.
Also look the marking criteria in additional material to write essay.
My ideal score at least 60/65 above. Hope you can help to write as much higher as you can.