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Information Infrastructure Alignment

Category: Essay Writing

Information Infrastructure Alignment

Paper details

The student is to write a comprehensive research paper analyzing the relationship between organizational structure and information infrastructure. The student should approach this topic by reviewing published cases that talk about information infrastructure alignment. The analysis should include the impact on both organizations and systems, considering the benefits and consequence of alignment or misalignment, and the impact on stakeholders. Multiple organizational viewpoints should be considered: front-line, mid-management, senior management, customer, shareholders. The student should provide business examples to clarify and support his/her arguments. This paper should be balanced, and supported by the research. In addition, the paper should include a variety of scholarly resources and resource types (books, journals, websites, newspapers, etc.).

The paper should include the following HEADING:

1. Introduction: To include a depiction of the context and scope of the level of alignment within your current workplace, or within a published case study
2. Literature Review: Review of literature associated with the strategic alignment of information systems infrastructure and organizational structure, and organizational strategies to achieve alignment (if indeed this alignment is desirable)
3. Analysis: Analysis of the current impact of alignment or misalignment of information infrastructure with the organization that is grounded in research, literature, and theory
4. Synthesis – Integration- Options: Present options for organizations to take advantage of what is known about the relationship between organizational structure and information infrastructure
5. Conclusion
Format the paper using correct APA 6th edition guidelines and review to ensure the paper is free of grammar and punctuation errors. Only use current sources (nothing older than 5 years)