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Important responses in public health and health promotion

What is old becomes new again. Many issues that arise in public health and health promotion are not new, and it is important to have an understanding of the evolution of the discipline and the various responses which have occurred.

Throughout modern times, there have been important initiatives in public health and health promotion, the aims of which have been to prevent disease, injuries or other health conditions and to enable people to take control of their health thereby improving it. Your task for this assessment is to present three examples of initiatives which you consider to be important in the field of public health and/or health promotion. Two of these initiatives should be within the Australian context (that is, initiatives that have occurred in Australia), while one should be an initiative which has occurred in either a foreign country or an initiative which occurred on a global scale (that is, a world-wide response).

You are allowed for all three of your initiatives to focus on either public health, or all three to focus on health promotion, or a combination. You should include an argument as to why each initiative fits with public health or health promotion.

In your work, you should identify the initiatives you are going to discuss; discuss them in both an historical and a recent context; and explain why these initiatives were/are important. You should use a range of sources of information (references) to support your arguments; however, these sources should be appropriate. These can include media, government and non-government organisations, professional associations, and academic sources. You should include a minimum of three academic sources for each of the three topics (therefore, nine academic sources in total). Your work will be marked on a range of criteria (see marking rubric for more specific information) which includes how well you discuss your chosen initiatives, how well you present your argument that your chosen initiatives were important, as well as the appropriateness of your references.