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Human Resource Practices in Brazil

Prepare a written team report summarizing the current state of Human Resource practices in the country chosen by your team. Remember to focus on HR practices and not general business practices.

Possibilites to discuss: training, compensation, hiring, expatriates, brazilian culture and business, staffing,performance management and employee relations.

Text, figures, and references (including URLs for internet sources). These projects typically run about 8 word-processed pages, somewhat longer if you include many tables and figures. Use Microsoft Word (or compatible) with 12point font and one inch margins. Check your work for spelling, punctuation, and typos. I would be happy to review a draft of your work. Do not use extensive quotes; synthesize your findings in your own words but do cite extensive sources to show off all of your research.

References are included alphabetically at the end of the paper in a section entitled, curiously enough, References. Here is a sample of the style (actual journal citation):

Wittig-Berman, U., & Beutell, N. J. (2009, April). International assignments and the career management of repatriates: The boundaryless career concept. International Journal of Management, 26, 77-88.

URL reference: (This is made up but it may be real.)

If your speak with a country HR manager, cite the person’s name listed alphabetically with the other references with the year (i.e., 2013) and indicate personal communication:
Dowling, P. (2014, March 11). Personal communication.