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How to Avoid Plagiarism when Writing a Research Paper

Category: Research

Some schools have been established in order to train those that are interested in online writing. This is the major place that people who have not gone to colleges learn from how to avoid plagiarism. For those that are in college they learn this through their lecturers. The lecturers know that it is important for the students to read and understand what they have been taught so they want them to answer the questions in their own way rather than just copying what other people have written. In the schools the major thing that all the people are taught is how to avoid plagiarism when writing a research paper. This is mainly because it would seem as if one has just copied someone else’s work.

The writes should read the questions carefully, understand them and then look for materials. After they have the materials they should then read the information they find relevant then paraphrase it by writing it in their own words. This way the information will seem as if they created it. If they write two or more words together from the same sentence then they will have plagiarized the work and this can cost the writing company dearly.

Another way the writers can plagiarize the work is by wrong citation. The writers therefore should use the formatting that is requested by the customers and this way they will not plagiarize the work. Other students when unable to paraphrase opt to quote their work. Therefore for those that choose the quotes they should ensure that the work is quoted properly. It should be how the author wrote it because everybody wants his work to be quoted properly. They should avoid wrong quotation in order to avoid plagiarism.

The writers should also ensure that they cite the quotations properly. They should ensure that they indicate the page that the quotation has been extracted from.

When it comes to giving references, put them at the end of your research or in another page following the format that has been given by the lecturer. This way the writer will have avoided plagiarism and the material will be like it has come from a new author. Since most of the teachers check whether the students have plagiarized the work that they gave them, the students should look for the devices that can help them know whether they have plagiarized the work or not. They should not take chances or risk to give their work out if they have not checked plagiarism. This is very important because they will definitely face the consequences if their work is plagiarized. They should therefore take their time to look at their work before they submit.