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How effective is The Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) for evaluating cognitive impairments post CVA?

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How effective is The Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) for evaluating cognitive impairments post CVA?

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The final assignment for this course will be a “mock chapter 3”, which is essentially a complete procedures/methods section for a thesis. In order to effectively write a mock chapter 3, you must have certain components of chapter 1 in order to make the information understandable. Please use the following as a guide for the format of your mock chapter 3. Remember, as with any work for this class, it is expected that you will use APA style, and will proofread for spelling/grammatical errors prior to submitting your paper. A.

Introduction – give a brief introduction of what you are studying. This should be some type of “hook” to draw in the reader. B. Statement of the Problem: This section will briefly identify what the problem is that prompted you to do the research. The statement of the problem can be just that – a statement. At the most, it will be a short paragraph. C. Purpose: The purpose of your study is why you are doing it. Often times the purpose is to research something that, until now, has been under-investigated. D. Research questions/hypotheses/objectives: Your research question drives the entire research process. It is the research question that explores the problem, defines the purpose, and determines the methodology. You have already done some work on research questions. E. Population and Sample: This section will identify what your population is, as well as what sample you have selected. YOU WILL NOT ACTUALLY BE CONDUCTING THE STUDY FOR THIS CLASS, but try to make the population and sample seem accurate and feasible. If you say that your sample will include one million people, I will definitely question it. Remember the definitions of population and sample, and be sure to use them appropriately. You should also give information regarding inclusion or exclusion criteria for your sample. F. Setting: Where will your proposed study take place? Remember, you need to make sure you can’t identify the setting, but you want to give enough information that someone reading your study could replicate it. G. Tool: Will you be using a survey? a questionnaire? an interview? How will you be gathering the data? Describe the tool in detail.

Remember, the key is to make your study replicable. I want to know about reliability/validity for quantitative, and rigor for qualitative. H. Data Collection: How will you gather information? Will you stop people at a supermarket? ask people in a class? What will be your method of data collection? This section should include anything you do to recruit the sample. I. Human Subjects Protection: In this section you will discuss confidentiality and/or anonymity. You will explain the details of the informed consent. You will also indicate how data will be stored (if American – 3 years in a locked filing cabinet at…..; if Canadian – 6 years in a locked filing cabinet at …..). The IRB handbook that you got on-line contains information and samples of consent – use this to help lay out this section. J. Data Analysis: In this section, you will explain what you would do with the data if you were to actually collect it. I realize that statistics are tricky for many people, but do the best that you can. Use the class handouts and book as a guide, they should at least help you lay out what statistical procedures would be appropriate. You also want to indicate that you will be using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) as your software analysis package. If you are preparing a qualitative mock proposal, you want to explain as completely as possible how you will be treating the data, from transcription, to coding, etc. Remember, the goal is to have a replicable product. If the reader can’t figure out how you analyzed the data, your study loses credibility and applicability. K. Conclusion: Brief summary In its entirety, your mock chapter 3 should be somewhere between 6 and 9 pages of text. Please remember to use APA style throughout.