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Homeland Security

Category: Essay Writing

UNIT 1- HM501 Develop an analytical PowerPoint® presentation (20–30 slides) about the creation of the DHS. Important: Please keep slides “clean and readable” (e.g. do not overload your slides with verbiage). Do include talking points in the presenter’s note section below the slide. In this Assignment, address all of the following: • Do you think DHS needed to be formed? Identify five major factors and underlying challenges that lead to the establishment of the DHS. • Analyze all of these factors and explain how they contributed to the formation of the DHS, then answer the following questions: 1. Did the federal government take too long to move from the Cold War model of homeland protection? 2. Is DHS and the IC (Intelligence Community) properly structured? 3. Does DHS include too many agencies and/or are there some critical agencies missing