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History and Issues of Bible Translations

Category: History

History and Issues of Bible Translations

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Good day. I need a 16 page paper addressing the history of and issue(s) inherent to the different official translations of the Bible. Following an introductory explaining the topic and what will come in the body of the paper, I would like the paper to be divided into three sections as follows: 1) a few pages dedicated to the history of Bible translation, going back to the earliest papyri and codices (and should address the Jewish Bible [the Tanakh, or what Christians call the “Old Testament”], how the earliest canonical Christian Bible came to be within the early undivided Church), what are the four Great Uncial Codices, the Latin Vulgate, how Oriental Orthodoxy, Eastern Orthodoxy, Roman Catholicism, and Protestantism affected different versions of the Bible that these four strains of Christianity translated, and how the emergence of biblical hermeneutics/exegesis

(interpretation) as a scholarly discipline affected current editions of different Bible translations (e.g., the Graf-Wellhausen Theory, JEPD theory, etc.); 2) picking up on the end of the first section, the second section should address the current state of Bible translations, explaining how many different translations exist in how many different languages, what are the most widely published English translations (NIV, King James Version, American Standard, etc.), the issue of liberal versus conservative translators and their translations, and translations by interpreters representing what many believe are fringe Christian sects (Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons); 3) address the theological importance of seeking to to create as true a translation as possible, the difficulties inherent to biblical translation, and the current methods (higher criticism, textual criticism, literary criticism, historical criticism) being employed by translators in the attempt to create such translations. The writer may conclude as he/she sees fit, but please include a restatement of the opening thought and s recap of the body drawn into the conclusion. Paper should be styled in Turabian, written in Times New Roman, double-spaced, twelve point. As a point of reference, the following article/paper touches on many of the salient issues concerning the topic of Bible translations: . Thank you.