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Heparin-Anticoagulation Therapy

Category: Healthcare

Heparin-Anticoagulation Therapy

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The nursing care of acutely ill patients is based on theory and research findings.  Outcomes of nursing practice can best be achieved by employing evidence-based interventions. In order to explore some of the theory and research applied in nursing practice you are asked to complete the following assignment

Each student is assigned to one acute or critical care topic or skill.
Locate at least four (4) references from professional sources that address the topic or skill. Professional sources include:
recommendations from an authoritative agency (e.g., CDC, AHA, JCAHO, AACN, IHI, AHRQ)
a peer-reviewed journal article that is a report of research findings
a review article that compiles information about the skill or topic
Professional resources do not include .com websites.

Identify critical elements for the skill or topic that are essential for patient care. Compile these critical elements into a Standards of Care checklist/table.

Include a summary of the findings from the literature related to the skill or topic. Give rationale for each of the critical elements for the Standards of Care. Summarize your research into a 2-3 page written paper using the following format:

Standards of Care/Checklist:
Supporting Evidence with reference
Reference List