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Heart Muscle Contraction

Heart Muscle Contraction

Paper details

its a formal lab report that talks about the heart muscle contraction. it should include introduction (at the end of the introduction you include the purpose of the experiment ), materials and methods (information regarding this section is on page 60) and a discussion (the discussion should be answering the questions page 60 from 1 -7 and page 61 from 1 to question 10 attached but the answers should be in paragraphs not point form ), i included the figures with the caption under it to include the result in the discussion .also i included the formal report format (attached as Formal info 1&2 ), questions , graphs and the experiment is attached also there are references included in the end of page 61 and the intro in Page 47 will help you in answering the questions .


overall of the experiment , a frog was treated with room temperature, cold and warm saline and we noticed the effect of each on the heart rate(figures) , then frog heart was treated with chemicals such as , acetylcholine ,tubocurarine ,atropine adrenaline and we noticed if they increase or decrease heart rate and the effect on the heart contraction force.
one more thing, in the question where they ask you to compare our result with other literature you should mention the organism they used and explain a bit about their experiment and condition ,
and question 7 page 61, i will scan the chapter from the book and attach it so that you can compare the control ECG with the example from the book.
Thanks :)