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Hamlet Scene Analysis/Production History

Category: History

Hamlet Scene Analysis/Production History

Paper details

1. Choose a moment from Hamlet. A “moment” could be an entire scene, a part of a scene, or an individual speech.

2. Identify why this moment is significant to the the play as a whole. Is it a turning point in the plot, an important moment for a character, a revelation of the play’s theme, etc?

3. Through research, identify 3 separate productions of this play. Productions can be anywhere, any time, from the play’s premiere until today, on film or on stage. Your sources may include text, photographs, and videos.

4. Describe the productions’ approach to the play (through descriptions of staging, scenery, costumes, music, lighting, etc.)—in particular, explain how the scene that you’ve chosen to analyze above was staged.

5. Conclude your essay by assessing which of the productions was most successful in elucidating the play’s (and the playwright’s) goals.
6. Work cited at last page (sources book,website)
Length: 5-7 pages (double-spaced, 12 point font)

Documentation should be MLA style