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group presentation

Category: Essay Writing

Activity 3– Group work
Objective: To apply concepts learned in last week lecture to the Terra Firma case study to ensure that the concepts are understood to the extent that the individual is able to apply them.
Task: Working as a group, answer the following question:
1. Choose a service that you have proposed in the previous week’s workshop and for the service, perform the following tasks:
a. Develop business requirements – these are the requirements for the service from Terra’s Firma perspective. They spell out the needs/problems/opportunities that Terra Firma is facing that will be supported by the service.
b. Develop the service level packages associated with the service, ensuring that each package has associated utility and warranty.
c. Identify detailed requirements—both functional and non-functional — for each of the service level packages, ensuring that the utility and warranty are captured in the service acceptance criteria of each requirement.
d. Assess if the existing infrastructure, technology, resources, and capabilities in Terra Firma are able to support the proposed service, and if not, how should these gaps be filled?
e. Assess what kind of service level agreements should be in place for ensuring that the service will meet requirements when it is in operation? Make sure that you give consideration to whether these SLAs are specific to service, or to customer groups, or are multi-level.
f. Proposed acandidate SLAM chart that could be used in the Service Operations phase later for monitoring if the service level agreements are met.
g. Assess and plan for the capacity needed to support the service
h. Assess and plan for availability of the service as specified in the SLA
i. Develop a IT service continuity plan for the service, based on the user profiles and patterns of business activities identified for the service
j. Specify the security framework for the service: the roles, responsibilities, the different access rights for different types of users, and suggest how this information should be made known to everyone involved ( this is my part to work on it )
k. Identify and list the suppliers associated with the service and the main agreements in the underpinning contracts with these suppliers