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Green house effects on the environment

Category: Essay Writing

Research Paper



Think about a research topic that interests you. Ask yourself: why this is an important issue? In other words, why is this research important for the society at large, and to me, personally? What is the main research question that I would want to investigate? How is this topic geographical in nature?


A prerequisite for conducting library search is developing a set of keywords. For instance, if you want to get articles on “air pollution in Ontario”, you should probably use ‘keywords’ such as air pollution, environment, Ontario. Input your keywords into electronic resources and specific bibliographic databases, such as Geography, PAIS, Social Science Abstracts, and Social Work.

While preparing the reading list collect and read the abstracts only. Your goal at this stage should be to get an idea about the authors, their theoretical perspectives and general arguments, and research methods (quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods). Ask yourself how this article may be related to your proposed research topic.


Your final reading list should consist of at least 6 sources in peer-reviewed journals. The essay is around 2000-2500 words (bibliography included). Use Times New Roman style and 12-size font. Papers must be double space. Students should follow the MLA or APA style.  

Grammar and Style:

Before submitting your work, please make sure that you haveconducted a spell and grammar check in word, made appropriate subheadings, used 12-size font and double spacing, and strictly followed the page limits (essays shorter than 2000 or longer than 2500 words will not be graded). In order to write a good essay, it is not enough to have thoughtful arguments, but also present them in a clear and organized fashion.  The goal is to make the essay accessible and a pleasure to read.

The essay must be provided in hard copy along with an attached receipt that an electronic copy was submitted to Turnitin (penalty for non-compliance 20%). 

Marking Scheme for Paper GEO702


Analytical Content: 6 points

Discussion emphasizes analysis rather than description or summary; paper shows good understanding of course content; argument is supported with evidence from relevant sources; evidence from external sources is cited appropriately.


Development of Argument: 4 points

Argument unfolds in a logical, coherent fashion; discussion remains focused and avoids irrelevancies and repetitions; quotations are introduced, contextualized and explained.


Thesis statement, Introduction and Conclusion: 4 points


Originality: 4 points

Fresh ideas and an original informed perspective are required.


Paragraphs: 4 points

Overall flow and readability; avoid one sentence or one page paragraphs.


Grammar & Style: 4 points

All sentences are complete; discussion uses formal language (no jargon or slang).


Mechanics: 4 points

No contractions or abbreviations; paper has been proofread and avoids typos, errors and punctuation problems; title page is included; pages are numbered.


Few reminders: In this paper, you are going to analyze a selected subject related to the topic of technology and the environment. Begin the paper by introducing the topic and describing the past and present situations. Then proceed to highlight the challenges you are able to detect in the current situation. Finally, based on your acquired knowledge, attempt to formulate possible ways to address those challenges. I do not mind if students use “I” in the paper because it is very important to me to know your informed opinion and perspective on the subject.