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Green Grass, Running Water is structured around the intersection of a number of characters’ lives at a sun dance

Category: Essay Writing

You may write on any texts on the class that you have not already presented on. You may refer to a text you have presented on as an intertext in concert with another text as your primary source.


Please bear in mind the fact that this assignment includes “incorporation of research” as a component of assessment. Please cite at least two secondary sources supporting your argument. Remember the forms of research you have been made aware of. In addition to summon searches, try and find relevant articles in the Modern Language Association International Bibliography available in the databases section of the UoW Library Website.

Prompts (Choose 1 from the following):

1) Green Grass, Running Water is structured around the intersection of a number of characters’ lives at a sun dance. Its use of Cherokee words and practices is essential to the meaning of the apparent coincidences in the text. Draw on secondary sources to analyse the role of Native American / First Nations tradition in the narrative form of the text.


2) The influence of the literary canon weighs heavily on many postcolonial texts. But many such texts also find inspiration in the practice of rethinking, critiquing, and responding to the dictates of the canon. Examine the role of the canon in one primary text on the course. You may of course refer to other texts to support a more general case.


3) Keeping in mind the concept of intertextuality, draw connections between two texts. They must be clearly connected by resonances at the level of the signifier. While you need not establish authorial intention (who can do that, I ask you?), nonetheless, concrete resonances in the text at the level of signification (figures, images, textual resonances, should be the focus of your choice).

4) Dangarembga’s Nervous Conditions takes seriously the gendering of colonial violence by narrating its effects on such characters as Nyasha. In this or any other text on the course, analyse the role of gender in fictions about the effects of colonialism.


5) Foe’s Friday cannot speak and refuses to be signified. Wide Sargasso Sea’s Christophine declares that though she cannot read or write “other things I know,” before she turns and walks out of the text. Research Gayatri Spivak’s notion of strategic essentialism or Homi Bhabha’s idea of hybridity and apply it in a reading of a text on the course.



There are many more possible questions that arise in the confluence of the texts we have studied. You may of course, come up with a question of your own around any text on the course, or combination of them. Please do so, in consultation with your tutor before the end of week 13.